TLPS - 2

Love Is In The Eye Of The Tumor

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In this the second episode,

Tom joins the group as a regular podcaster and promptly has his 42mins 38sec. story cut from the recording.    Sorry Tom, it sucked.  Ginger gets angry again.  He’s a ginger, it’s what he does.  The love or lack therof love for pets is discussed.  And no, Grant did not actually drop his cats in a river with a sack of rocks.  Tom takes one to the face because someone thought it would be a good idea to let his ninja girlfriend sit in on the podcast, and Joe is… Joe.

In headlines, we discuss a Kenyan man with 100 wives and 160 children, a roving tribe of woman who rape men, a man whos face is marred by a slightly large tumor, and a grandmother who wants nothing more than to be with her grandson.  I mean like…  “BE WITH”…  Y’know, like wants to punch the monkey with him…


Man With 100 Wives

Zimbabwean Band of Rapist Women of Varying Size

Melty Face

Great Grandfather Baby

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