Lions, Alpacas, and 261 Penises Oh My!

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In this the 8th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

After surviving last weeks train trip to Russia, in spite of Grant’s over emotional decree of episode 7 being “the last episode of The Last Podcaster Standing EVER!”, the guys gather once again behind the mics to share their idiocy with the world.  First off, the guys discuss a listener/fan who recently had a child in the hospital, and before Mr. Know It All knows it all, he cracks a joke. Nice Tom. Nice. Luckily she has survived her ordeal and is doing well. And you’re still an a$$ Tom. This leads the group to ponder the high price of band aids and Mrs. Fowlers ability to cut hair. Ginger shares experiences from the previous nights job with a drunk and his crank and a man and his crack. Tom provides helpful information to Ginger by showing him a self protection device that will surely get him killed. The guys attempt to solicit information from Ginger regarding his families bounty hunting duties, but apparently until further notice, needs to be shrouded in secrecy. Dog will be so disappointed.

In headlines, a chef in New York discovers the “other white cheese” with the help of his wife. Rest assured this is better than maggot cheese! But still may make you hurl just the same. Also discussed, a taco that costs 10 dollars may be worth the trip, men who need Kleenex for more than just their spunky moments, the best museum for lovers of the penis, a cat and his civil duties, and finally, things kids today will never know tomorrow. Except for the fact that they will. Unless they live in a cave…

***Special Thanks to Erin Trim for sending in the story “The Other White Cheese”.


Gun Comb

Boobalicious Cheese

Tacos:The Mane Dish

Sick Of Orgasms

Iceland:Now Accepting Penis Donations

Furry Juror

Things Kids Will Never Know

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