TLPS - 27

Lactating Boobs, Peek a Poo and A Black and White Night

  • Lactating Boobs, Peek a Poo and A Black and White Night 00:00

In this, the 27th Episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

We find ourselves missing “A Kilted One.” Where is he?  We don’t know! We aren’t his f@&king Dada! We come up with a few stories as to his where abouts…I’m also pretty sure none of them are true!

Before we hit headlines, and boy are you going to love the headlines! We chat a bit about our new, ready to wear T-shirts that you and all your friends can purchase !  Just hit us with a message or an E-mail saying ‘I Want A T-shirt” and for $15.00 you can be dressed to impress!…and help our little podcast out at the same time.  We also discuss Kevin Smith and his S.I.R (Smodcast Internet Radio) for a minute.  HELP US ADVERTISE!!! We didn’t talk about him too long, we didn’t want the Ginger popping wood again!

In between headlines we discuss Mr. Kia and his bedtime rituals, and what he wears to bed may shock you!  We also discuss our friend over on Twitter @S_explicit and her blog.  This get’s a lot of attention for many reasons.  Check the links below to see it for yourself.  WARNING: NSFW or around anyone who may be against you looking at hot nude Peeps!  You know you wanna click it!

As always, strip down to your Birthday Suit, rub on some vasaline and pray to God that your webcam’s not on! Oh, and for Christ’s sake, have a laugh on us!!!


Breast Milk Assault

IT Guy Revenge

Not Fags & USA vs Russia

Very Very Dirty Man

Man Hanging Out In The Crapper

Dog Poo DNA

@S_explicit blog (NSFW)

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Peek A Boo. I See You!!

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