Jello Wrestlers, Tattoo Fluffers, Chili Dogs, and Chowder Sticks.

  • Jello Wrestlers, Tattoo Fluffers, Chili Dogs, and Chowder Sticks. 00:00

In this, the 13th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

“Shooting The S#!t” this week, the guys update the Google Goddess’s “Creepy Creeper” stalker story from last week. They also try to call her while she is out on a blind date, but f@*k’all if she would have the common decency to answer the phone during her private moment! Tart. Which leads to a discussion about dating services (Mr. Know It All met The Ninja this way).

We had no choice but to discuss Charlie Sheen in this segment because… Well… Um… Everyone sells out eventually. And because were #winning #winners with #tigerblood in our #warlock veins. The Sniper wants nothing to do with celebrityism. So much so that he lets the guys all know…Multiple times and quite sternly.

In a shameless act of promotion and unpaid advertising, the guys once again discuss, as last weeks discussion of them did not do the company justice. This leads to some pretty creative moments for the guys and asks of them to dig deep into their shallow minds. Wanna know what a Cincinnati Taco Chop is? Ever heard of a Ginger Snap (no, not the cookie), a Chili Dog, or a Chowder Stick? If it hasn’t been written, it will be soon. *On a side note – Those of you with weak stomachs or vivid imaginations, consider yourself forewarned, it gets pretty nasty…Ok, it gets REALLY nasty*.

And finally, for the first time ever (’cause Google Goddess refused to answer her phone, tart) we conduct our first LIVE interview with @Love_Gunn from Twitter. She sent in a headline that was interesting and usable for the podcast, but not half as interesting as her side profession. Y’know, the one where she fills a pool with Jello and then wrestles the clothes off of other women. Yes. You read that correctly. Althea is a Jello Wrestler. We’ve seen some of the videos. Wet. Sticky. Hot. And were not talking about the Jello. All things considered, the call goes well… Until the end when Althea reveals her prior profession, which causes the guys to all simultaneously stop breathing.

In Headlines, Apparently, staring at boobs will increase your life expectancy. Who knew?! London attempts to out do NewYorks breast milk cheese fetish by serving breast milk ice cream. A man goes to great lengths to win a small car, and a man with no anus get a hole new life.

“The Male Sack” holds a question from listener Amanda, also known as @mandaKc on Twitter. She poses the question: What is the weirdest thing you’ve yelled (or the person you’re with) during an orgasm. Personally, I’m waiting for The Sniper to let me know how things turn out for him. Also in the sack, a host of “Would You Rather’s” for the guys to ponder and Mr. Know It All to dissect.

***SPECIAL THANKS this week to ALL of our Twitter followers who have helped promote/distribute/push the podcast, which in turn has helped it grow.  Some of these people include, but are not limited to all of those on the previous posts as well as: @xoxo_carrie @mandaKc, @Love_Gunn, @DenisaDuca, @barelysarcasm, @AlteredCreation, @DementedDuchess, @StephEloi (The Google Goddess), @nerdygirlpc (Nerd Extraordinaire), @T8Hayes, @cinn48, @Mich_1987 (London Bridges), @ditzywoo, @mabeline12, @BeckySpldng, (J.J Jameson), @SarzIndubitably, @Dangerfacex, @bobbyyrogerss and so many more. If I missed you, send your hate mail to Or you could just let me know and I’ll add you to next weeks list.***


Sheen Tweet-O-Matic

A View To A Boob

Your Mother’s Ice Cream. No Really.

Wanna See My Tattoo?

Better Late Than Never

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