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In today’s episode I sit down with Geoffrey Welchman, host of The Inverse Delirium. If you’re a fan of podcasts such as We’re Alive or Welcome to Night Vale, other radio play type podcasts, then I suggest you give this show a listen. It’s NPR with a dry but very witty sense of humor!

Geoffrey will admit that he’s not the most savvy marketer, and not all of us podcasters are. But he does give great tips on keeping to a schedule. How he keeps things fresh in his podcast, and how he’s brought in guests such as Kevin Pollack and Lewis Black to name a few.

This is a great interview with a very down to earth guy who’s not looking for a way to make a living off of his podcast, he’s just simply hoping to entertain. Whether it be a couple experiencing Netflix adultry, an inside look at the Voice Over Olympics or a reporter stuck on a chunk of ice with Scientists at war with a brutal faction of Walrus’s. This sketch comedy show has a little something for everyone!


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