TLPS - 54

I Put My Penis In A Mouse

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In this, the 54th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing:

Alright, listen up, Maggots! General Westpointe here!  Seems like we’ve got some punks here we have to deal with this week!  One of you b**tards seems to have a little Hannibal Lecter in ya! Chewing on your ladies face like a dog on scraps? What’s the matter son, you run outta meatballs? And you! Yeah YOU!  I hear you have a chubby in your pants and a bit of an affection toward some ink on your d*ck!  What’s wrong with you son?  Mamma make you watch to many “Fat Lady Pornos” where she swallows down the money shot with a whole pizza? I bet you wish Dadda was still sticking it sideways through your back door in the back shed don’t ya, son?  You’re gonna when I’m through with ya!  Who else do we have here?  Looks like we’ve got a narcotics dealer in our group of lonely podcasters!  What are you dealing? Coke, crack or c*ck? What? Viagra? Looks like we’ve got another Bob Dole pencil pushing pu$$y looking for the easy way out!  F**K!All of you on your knees and pull out your custom made knee pads…It’s gonna be a long night of “Would You Rather?” First up in this lovely game…Bear trap or Mouse trap…Here’s how it works: You get your leg in the big one or your d*ck in the small one! Except you with the pirate c*ck!  No leg for you! You all got 2 minutes to decide!Before this night is over, you’re going to be singing a new song I just made up!…”I Put My Penis In A Mouse”…Top 40 hit for sure.  SING IT NOW!!! SING IT NOW!!!!-AG (Yeah, I’m working on my issues)


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