Heroic Nonsense

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Fan favorite and friend of the Angry Ginger, @Angry_Oz_Geek, returns to discuss comic books! From the page to the big screen and we do a Top 5  list that was promised from his last visit to the show. Before we can get there though, Oz informs us that his “Better Half” may in fact be wanted by the law…or soon will be, if she formulates the right plan in that dark and seedy office of hers! Also, he tells a cracker of a story that involves homeless men washing their balls in perhaps not the best of places…of course this gets interrupted by my wife and kids…You know what? It’s best that you just listen and experience all the pleasure and pain of this episode on your own! Remember folks, a happy wife leads to a happy life!Now go grab your favorite lick of ice cream and press play! It’s about to get super geeky up in here!

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