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In this, The 41st Episode of The Last Podcaster Standing:

Is it just me or is the sound a little “off” in this episode?  Yes, yes it is…actually the recording got all sorts of F’d up on our end.  The #TLPS Super Duper Computer broke down, but before it did that it decided to take our podcast audio file and drop one hell of a Stanley Steamer on it. In an ironic twist of fate the boys at Somebody and Me, who lost their podcast when we were on their show, decided to record from their end again… just in case and this time it worked out. So make sure you give them a big thanks for you having something to listen to this week! Patrick will accept oral with bacon and Rob…anything Harry Potter!In “Shooting the Sh$t” this week, we discuss The Kilted One’s disappearance and whether @Nick_Twist has anything to do with it.  They are planning a cute and cuddly road trip you know! We also chat about a lady who can only speak in baby talk to stay awake. Ginger is attacked while driving home from work and his daughter makes an attempt at giving daddy a stroke!  As mentioned above, we have the fellas from Somebody and Me on for a interview in funny!  We talk a little bit about the craft of comedy; stand up and improv.  The question is then asked if we would ever do a live show and what would it take to get us to do so.  Some of us have more anxiety then others!  In Headlines this week we discuss a foreign mob’s attempt at shooting porn with a terrorist look a like.  A gentleman survives decades on only what he finds in “nature”.  A family gets lost in the middle of a Halloween tourist attraction.  Also, would you give and/or receive oral pleasure if you knew it would lead to cancer?  What the shady government may be hiding from YOU!


Saddam Porn Gang

Family Lost In Corn Maze

30 Years Of Road Kill

Oral Sex May Cause Cancer

Have a quiz, survey, or test for us to take?  Send it to us, we’ll make a show out of it!  Have a story that needs to be told?  Have questions you want answered?  Need advice? Wanna be a guest podcaster? Do you have Skype? Do you live in the Grand Rapids area, or are you willing to drive to Grand Rapids? Send us an email, drop us a line on Facebook, or post a comment right here in this blog post.

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