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Fuzzy Trumps Dyke

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In this, the 52nd episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

*WARNING!  This Episode May Contain Actual Voice Recordings From “Supernatural Cherries & Fuzzy”*While starting the show Mr. Know It All, The Sniper and Angry Ginger notice they are not one, but two hosts short of a full podcast basket.  Knowing that The Kilted One is still “Missing” they decide to hunt down the Google Goddess!  Where do they find that her? Laying under some “Punch Drunk Puppet F**ker” who’s feeding her BOOZE and promises of “A Filthy Hot Tub Screamer”!  Whatever that means! Mr. K.I.A. lays down the law! (or is that a TLPS APP EXCLUSIVE?) Pay up or give her back! Good job K.I.A.Once things get settled down to normal, or as normal as this darn show can get.  We tell some stories. Seems G.G. has no luck with homeless men, they’re always getting snotty with her.  Speaking of luck, she may be enjoying the good life as an International Teabag Taste Tester but luck really runs her way in the women’s bathroom at work.  Let’s just say, when she’s not drawing blood, she may be laying some carpet!Over at the Crazy House, Ginger get’s a visit from his #1 and #2 “Crazies” and decides to pull out the iPhone and put this on record for the first time ever!  You will not be disappointed! Also Mr. Kia gives us a lesson in “The Law”.  What else is new right?  Well this one has flying dead body parts and we also have a tragic story about a NOT so super model and an airplane…If she were SUPER she’s still be able to get excited about all the cool 3D movies coming out! Now it’s only pirate movies for her!This is only the tip of the iceberg! “Smell ice can ya”? So like always, sit down, buckle up and press play because this sh*t’s about to get “Crazy”!  For Real! -AG


Train Suicide Lawsuit

Stay Away From Propellers

Call Me A Cab

Back by popular demand The Glossary of Perversion

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