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Fast Food Getaway

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In this, the 47th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

In what starts off as a simple discussion about The Sniper getting some free food at McDonald’s, the story turns into not one, not two, but three stories about robbery.  One involves a ruthless ex-lover, another involves a sock puppet, and believe it or not famous comedian Jeff Dunham, well he’s mentioned anyway!  Thirdly,  and mind you these are in no particular order,  rounding out the trinity of robbery stories, the last one involves the Ginger as a potential “Mastermind” behind a robbery that was but never really was…but was!  Or was it?  I say it was a prank; Mr. K.I.A on the other hand, pulls out his trusty law book for a look-see.  We’re all friends here right?  What’s the Statute of Limitations in Michigan anyway? I’m going to chalk this all up to a big fat white lie we’re telling due to the amount of “Bath Salts” we’re all getting high on!  As always, don’t forget to strap you’re mistletoe to your “Penis” (right TK1?) and grab your bamboo rod because it’s about to start “dripping from the ceiling” up in here!  Oh, anyone know where we can find a cleaning lady that can stay at least 8 inches away from Koonta?-AG


Sock Puppet Heist

Deck The Halls On Bath Salts

Anti Shrinkage Swimsuit

Too Clean For Art

Getting “The Scoop” To Get The Scoop

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