Episode44: MichaelBayJrJasonParsonsGinger-Smith

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In this episode we get right into the meat of things…well after we get TK1 to put his Insta_Grants device down for a few moments. Seems this amature photographer is addicted to more than just converse shoes with feet in them!

Things discussed in no particular order…

Ginger’s Projects

TK1’s Instagram fixation

McBlizzards Google Glasses

TK1’s Hairy Arms

Ginger’s Sexcapade

McBlizzard’s got a thing for the lady designer in “The Incredibles” and finds out he’s an Executive Producer

The 7DAG Movie Challenge is discussed briefly, not really the project so much as a trailer that didn’t give “Credit” where “Credit” was due!

A Brief Chat about Bates Motel, Hannibal, Game of Thrones and Trailers Man of Steel and Thor 2!

TK1 sees Oblivion in a brand new theater! It’s an experince…and so was the movie.

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