Episode 76: Cinnamon Challanged Redux! A TLPS Reunion Part One

  • Episode 76: Cinnamon Challanged Redux! A TLPS Reunion Part One 00:00

Greetings and Salutations my friends! This weeks episode is a bit special to me. As you see by the numbering, (Episode 76) we have reached a bit of a personal milestone. You’ve all heard me talk before about the podcast I used to do…The Last Podcaster Standing. As you know, that show went on hiatus. It did so on it’s 76th episode, so I’ve always had a personal goal of hoping that 7 Days a Geek could achieve that…and more. Well, here we are!

Now, I could think of no better way of heading into the future than taking a few minutes, or 2 episodes as it seems, to remember the past. I know a lot of my listeners have either come from the days of TLPS or have gone back to listen to that show as well…and you’ve liked it just as much as this podcast…so Hopefully you all enjoy this Quasi-Reunion episode that you are about to push play on. 

For the first time ever, Stephanie or GG “The Google Goddess” joins the show. Along with her, making his long awaited return is (The Kilted One) “Tk1” or Grant as some people call him. To round out the show is of course McBibbles and Myself. Unfortunatly Joe and/or Tom couldn’t be here but I still hope that someday that can happen!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it! Without further ado, I give to you…3/5ths of TLPS 🙂 

-Angry Ginger

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