Episode 60: Holy Superior Spider-Man, Batman!

  • Episode 60: Holy Superior Spider-Man, Batman! 00:00

In this episode, Oz and I geek the “F” out! It appears as if Peter Parker is out…and Otto Octavius is in! A Bolder, Better…Superior Spider-Man? What do you think? We talk about Marvel and most notably writer Dan Slott and how he took a stagnant yet beloved character and injected some new life into a book that we, maybe,  didn’t notice needed it. We have a very hard time though…not comparing this new bad ass (Dark Knight) version of Spider-man to a certain Detective. Slott writes Doc Ock-Spidey as cold and calculating, and he’s a bit of a bastard…but I think most people who’ve given this new version of Spidey a try will be hard pressed not to like what they’re reading. Look, we all know that Peter Parker IS Spider-Man and he probably will be again, but this is a great story so far…If you haven’t given it a read yet then listen to what we have to say about it.  Perhaps it will change your mind, perhaps not.

We’d love to hear what your feelings are now that Superior Spider-Man has been around for the better part of this year. Do you like it? Do you still need a little bit more time for it to grow on you? Call us and tell us what you think!

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