Episode 59: Wifecast

  • Episode 59: Wifecast 00:00

A few weeks back I fielded questions from YOU the listening audience. I finally tied my wife to a chair and had her “geekout” with McBlizzard and I for almost an hour. Full disclosure…it was much longer than an hour but we had some sound issues that forced me to cut a chunk out of the middle. The first 10 minutes are a little quiet on McBlizzards mic as well as the Angry Midgets…but we fix that issue real quick! Bare with the first few minutes and take a peek inside my life. For those that have been listening since the beginning you’ll remember this isn’t the wifey’s first appearance. Hopefully, if you all enjoy her…it won’t be the last. Oh , who am I kidding… Geek or not, my wife cracks me the fuck up so assuming I can put together a fully armed task force…you’ll be hearing from her again!


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