Episode 58: Ginger V.S. The Expendables Too

  • Episode 58: Ginger V.S. The Expendables Too 00:00

In this Episode the A-team is back! We take a call from TK1 who’s supposed to be out camping…he’s actually sitting on the beach getting all romantic about the moon and sky. “There’s a sliver of pink…” WTF!!!!

Ginger and McBlizzard talk movies…Ginger gets pissed off and goes on a rant about The Expendables.  Mostly he’s pissed off at how cheesy and over the top/god awful the dialogue is in The Expendables 2. Man of Steel is covered, though we don’t spend to much time on it because…well we don’t feel the same way past guest Latanya felt about it! Loved it though…we just stayed….dry.

We discuss a few changes in the show. Also, we are going to be running a few contests.

1.) Have your picture taken with a “7 Days a Geek” marketing flyer that you helped put out there in the world. Best one gets a free T-shirt!

2.) Hashtag what your doing while listening to “7 Days a Geek” (ANY EPISODE, ANYTIME) and you could win a T-shirt!

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