Episode 55 Geeking Out On Movies!

  • Episode 55 Geeking Out On Movies! 00:00

The Angry Ginger and TK1 chat about movies in this episode! First we attempt to make sense of the new trailer to Gravity with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock but I’m to excited and TK1 really couldn’t care! He’s already screaming, “They all die in the end!” so then we just continue on from there…Some where in the mix, Clue, Kung Fu Hustle, 47 Ronin and Pandorum is thrown in there. We also do a bit more of that movie trivia that you all love so much!

80’s Sci-Fi Movie Homework was handed out. Well, it’s mostly 80’s. If you want to join in, please watch the movies and call in or e-mail with your reviews!

1.) Aliens

2.) Inner Space

3.) Pandorum

4.) The Last Star Fighter

5.) What Dreams May Come

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