Episode 51 – The Curious Case of Max Rebo

  • Episode 51 - The Curious Case of Max Rebo 00:00

The Book of Boba Fett is here and we’re sharing our hot, hot takes on the first episode. Topics include:

  • Are we spoiled in wanting more out of the first episode or are we starved from the 12 months of no live action?
  • Does Boba have capped teeth or did the Sarlacc whiten them?
  • How did Max Rebo survive the barge destruction?
  • How long can Boba survive without the bacta tank?
  • Would you like to see what Tusken Raiders and/or Jawas look like underneath?

We ask “what’s in the ‘for Luke’ box? in our Question of the Week, discuss mystery series/movie rumors in news and take your Maul Bag questions! We also bring you a surprising FACPAtoid!

Episode Time Stamps:

  • 07:53 – Question of the Week
  • 11:07 – What is Tales of the Jedi?
  • 13:23 – Has something been filming at Pinewood the past couple months?
  • 15:28 – Boba ‘off limts’ during the making of Solo
  • 18:13 – Book of Boba Fett Episode 1 Review – Stranger in a Strange Land
  • 63:01 – Maul Bag
  • 77:13 – FACPAtoid

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Intro/Outro – Galactic by Seb Jaeger (via https://filmstro.com/music)

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