Episode 48: Gary Busey’s Crazy Time Sports Talk

  • Episode 48: Gary Busey's Crazy Time Sports Talk 00:00

Greetings and Salutations loyal listeners! Welcome back to another exciting episode of 7 Days a Geek! This week in the Studio TK1 and McBlizzard join AG for more conversations in geekery! We start out by discussing that it’s been 1 year now since we first started this show! So a special shout out to all of those that have stuck with us over this year…to the new and the old, hope your here with us for year 2!

We came up with a very fun idea for the “Basketball” game we are going to play. Not only are we going to play a game for you to laugh at but we are going to have color comentators as well! But before we get to that we get Lost in Space for a minute. Then it takes a Mentalist and a few Persons of Interest to get us back on track. Once there we go Into the Darkness like a true trekie but keep it Spoiler free! Somewhere in the mix Gary Busey gets brought up as well as TK1’s childhood Olympic career! McBlizzard needs some teeth pulled just to spill the beans on his trip to Tennesse and TK1 talks shop about cameras!

We also get into a heavy debate about what the hell Marvel is or isn’t up to with their movies. The whole Brian Singer using Quicksliver agianst Whedon is talked to death as is a “Shared World” could it happen? Is it possible?

As you do every week at this time, press play on your device and enjoy another week of us geeking out!


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