Episode 43 Tyrannical Movie Makers

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In this episode we #GeekOut about Instagram. Well, TK1 geeks why out about it! Follow him at Insta_Grants2 and tell him he’s got a pretty house! We also talk a bit of phone tech stuff…then we move into the “Movie Shoot!”

The first week of April I set out a challenge to anyone that thought they could write, shoot, edit and post a movie in 7 days to join me. The list started at 14 people. By the time the day came to start, the list was down to 6. Including myself. So everyone went out and assembled a crew of no more than 7 and they went out and made a movie! We discuss this and get into the meat of it all buy talking about actually shooting a movie. Did we make succeed or did we fail? Wouldn’t that be funny if we failed at this 7 day challenge that I put forth? Ha! Ha! There is a possibility that TK1 was “Aces” during the shoot…and I became a tyrant on set. My inner Michael Bay was summoned from the darkness.

We then move onto discuss a few Filmmakers and thier movies. First up is “Elysium.” Neil Blomkamp’s new flick starring Matt Damon. District 9 is discussed as well as his failed Halo movie. Next up is  Louis Leterrier and the new trailer for “Now You See Me.” This movie is filled with an all star cast. We break down the trailer. TK1 want’s a “Spoilers” shoutout…even though we are months away from even seeing the actual movie.

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