Episode 43 – New Haircuts and New Attitudes

  • Episode 43 - New Haircuts and New Attitudes 00:00

We continue our review of Star Wars Rebels by looking at the first half of season 3 (episodes 1-11).  Topics include:

  • Hondo is still a selfish prick
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn is three steps ahead of everyone
  • A new Fulcrum
  • Captain Rex PTSD
  • Cole hates Mart Mattin
  • The Dark Saber is in play!
  • A planet with twin suns??!!

In our Question of the Week, we discuss the possibility of seeing the story of Palpatine’s son as Rey’s father. In news, Hayden Christensen is going to be in Kenobi AND Ahsoka; Andy Serkis might show up in Andor and rumors about a Star Wars horror film? We’re talking Darth Vader’s TIE fighter and wingmen in our FACPAtoid and we open the Maul Bag to address your questions.

Episode Time Stamps:

  • 5:00 – Question of the Week
  • 10:02 – Hayden Christensen in Ahsoka
  • 13:18 – Andy Serkis in Andor?
  • 14:28 – Star Wars Horror Film?
  • 17:05 – Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Review (Episodes 1-11)
  • 76:34 – Maul Bag
  • 80:01 – FACPAtoid

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Intro/Outro – Galactic by Seb Jaeger (via https://filmstro.com/music)

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