Episode 38: Let’s Kickstart the Massholes

  • Episode 38: Let's Kickstart the Massholes 00:00

In this episode, the A-Team (McBlizzard and I) hop on our soap boxes and fight for the little guys and gals! Look here people, if we want to drink 87oz Mountain Dew’s while surfing Kickstarter for kickass projects, small or large, we should have the right! Don’t come at us with your laws and your human eating cannibalistic hamburgers (Hambuster on Youtube) and try and force us into being good people! We, after all are the Massholes, and we will get what we want after all! Right?!

Funny how it’s never been brought to my attention that these episode write up’s make a whole bunch more sense when you’ve actually heard the episode! Ha!

Either way…lots of cool stuff in this episode! We talk about Veronica Mars and the future of Kickstarter. We get a few voicemails…one of which is only about cheesecake? Come on listeners…send us your VM’s! We talk about a cool contest/challange that we, along with some listeners are doing. What is it we are doing? Well, we are going to make a movie! Not together…we are all making our own movie. April 1st – 7th we will all write, direct, edit and release our own little short! Want in? All you gotta do is say so! I’ve got the information ready to go to your e-mail box! Sign up and have fun with us!

_Angry Ginger

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