Episode 36: The Death of “Superman Lives”

  • Episode 36: The Death of "Superman Lives" 00:00

Welcome to Hall of Justice my faithful heroes! Tonight we discuss the Man of Steel! The man, the myth, the legend!

Remember years back when there was rumor of a Superman movie staring Nick Cage, and it was to be directed by Tim Burton? Well, that wasn’t a rumor. That was real stuff man!

This has always been a facination of mine. For year I’ve been interested in this failed project and apperently I’m not alone. Tonight we sit down with documentary filmmaker and director of animation, @JonSchnepp, to talk about a Superman film he’s looking to get Kickstarted over at….um…Kickstarter! Duh!

If you’re into Comic books, Movies, and behind the scenes magic then you really need to listen to this episode, more importantly you must help fund this Kickstarter Campaign!



If that doesn’t convince you…maybe this episode will!


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