Episode 24 – What’s the Deal with Chewbacca’s Dick?

  • Episode 24 - What's the Deal with Chewbacca's Dick? 00:00

We continue our review of the Clone Wars with a look at season 5. Topics include:

  • A four-episode droid arc?
  • CSI: Coruscant
  • Faults of the Jedi Council
  • Big death moments
  • Ahsoka not playing around

In our Question of the Week, we ponder why the Jedi are reluctant to wield dual sabers.  We also discuss retro Star Wars content coming to Disney+, answer questions about figures/vehicles we had as kids, which strong female characters we’d like to see more of, Chewie’s anatomy and more!

We are starting a FACPA group to run in the May the Fourth Be With You Medal Dash. Check here for more details and we’ll share more on the show.

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Intro/Outro – Galactic by Seb Jaeger (via https://filmstro.com/music)

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