Episode 150: 8 Years of Podcasting Part 2

  • Episode 150: 8 Years of Podcasting Part 2 00:00

Well here it is folks…Part 2 of our 8 Years of Podcasting. In Part 1 we covered the first 4 years or so…now we will be discussing mostly 7 Days a Geek in this episode. 

In this episode you will hear all about the origins of 7 Days a Geek. You’ll hear clips from episodes through out the 4 years. For those of you who haven’t been around long enough to know, this show started out with 5 hosts. The door was always revolving… So were the topics. I’ve shared a little bit of everything during these 2 hours and hopefully it’s all for your entertainment. 

Thanks for listening and thanks for all of your support. 

Please feel free to listen and tweet to @7dagpodcast @s7evendaysageek @insta_grants2 and @AgentPlamer and use the hashtag #8YearsPodcasting

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