Episode 149.5:Movies turning 20 part 2

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In this lovely episode of 7 Days a Geek, Grant The Kilted One and the Jason The Angry Ginger get back to the list of movies from a few weeks ago, Movies turning 20 from 1996! It should be known that our faithful producer, Agent Palmer skipped recording for a baseball game! (tsk)

Before we get to that though, TK1 shares a family story of watching Scream with his young daughter who slowly begins to realize that this isn’t something she wants to watch. 

Before that…we find out that TK1’s sport of choice is Badminton. That’s right….BADMINTON. The gauntlet was recently thrown down in our Shumway Chatroom with Sammy… a competition has been announced. Ladies and gentlemen during our PodtoberFest down time we will be partaking in “The 2016 Shuttlecocks Championship”. You heard it here first! 

Also Discussed: Stranger Things Season 2, The Tick (Amazon Pilot), Mr. Robot, 

Movies Turning 20

Tin Cup, The Island of Dr. Moreau, A Very Brady Sequel, Sling Blade, Romeo and Juliet, Scream, From Dusk Till Dawn, Broken Arrow 

Stay tuned for Part 3 (Patreon Exclusive) 

After we talk movies, TK1 shares some behind the scenes footage from Him, Agent Palmer and Bill Sweeney writing and producing some of the upcoming PodtoberFest promo’s…complete with Voice Over work by TK1 and Bill. The Joker, Tony Soprano and Mummra help out. 

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