Episode 123:A Sub Atomic Ginger

  • Episode 123:A Sub Atomic Ginger 00:00

Boy do we have a good show for you tonight-A Talk Show Host

In this episode of 7 Days a Geek, The Angry Ginger is joined by Bacon, Bibbles and Bibbles unemployeed homless Vet of a little brother, Johan (or as I once drunkenly refered to him as, Lohan).

I pass out the Geek Homework before the show and the guys do nothing but hate on it. In trailers we discuss not one but two “Sports” movies.

Ginger flys a Drone into the yard, a tree, and a house. It’s all caught on camera. This causes us all ponder back to the days of our youth when I repeatedly tried to murder my friends for “Sport”.

Ginger gets a new Job, and a weapon? Bacon helps the group stick up for the American Flag…or is it the Confederate one? Also, a Darwin award is handed out, Zombeavers talk, and there is a very realistic possibility that we will be doing a Kickstarter for the building of real life lightsaber, built out of the back of a van down by the river!

Why aren’t you listening yet?

-The Angry Ginger

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