Episode 10 TitaniumPhysicists101

  • Episode 10 TitaniumPhysicists101 00:00

Ben stops work on his Higgs Boson and climbs out of his Black Hole to talk Science and Podcasting with us! If you’re at all familiar with “The Big Bang Theory” both the TV show or the real deal…then you must check this episode out!

We chat about getting interviews with the big people and how that could disrupt the flow of your podcast…or not. Depends on thier interest. How important the regular release of a show is to your audience and how to go about building said audience.

The interesting thing about Titanium Physicists Podcast is that it’s all done over SKYPE. Ben’s co-hosts and guests are scattered across the globe so he talks a great deal in putting a show together via different kinds of editing software.

This is both a fun, funny podcast with a ton of information thrown at you. So get out your notepad and take notes because Ben is a great teacher and he loves giving tests!

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