Ep 8: Defile-A-Young-Mermaid (Feb Monthly Wrap Up)

  • Ep 8: Defile-A-Young-Mermaid (Feb Monthly Wrap Up) 00:00

Stand Up and be heard!  The geeks are diving into the realm of Stand Up comedy.  Tune in and hear from the eclectic tastes of JAG, NC, and Quad as they play clips of their favorite comedians!  Also Quad sucked the big one so he has an apology, could it be in the form of an old Irish Drinking Song? Will he swab the deck?  F#$k a steak? Or Defile and old Mermaid? Listen up and find out! And if you want to jump ahead or around all Willy nilly then peep them timestamps below!


3:15 Quad becomes second mic with a terrible impression!

3:45 The Rock doesn’t see color

4:45 Brawl on Cellblock 99 Reference

12:00 Catching up with JAG


  • Driver’s training and teen girls
  • E brake issues
  • Jag has ALL the patience
  • Quad has a prodigal humble son
  • kids dating open door policy
  • Podcast Florida and Dad trip
  • JAG gets jealous anemic and anorexic
  • Weightloss check-ins


30:15 Catching up with NC


  • Turd wrestling camps
  • Weightloss yo yo
  • Cutting weight with the Turd
  • JAG is a stinky faster
  • Work ethic shaming 
  • New workout


38:25 Catching up with Quad


  • Quad is too skinny
  • New digs


40:00 Geeking out Standup Edition

42:45 Sebastian Maniscalco’s tattoo bit (Netflix)

46:45 Sebastian in the Irishman

47:45 Sebastian Maniscalcos Aren’t you Embarrassed (Prime)

50:00 NC the Hillbilly and our kids won’t have any good stories

51:30 Segment 7 the man in the Closet

52:30 Jamie Foxx I might need Security (YouTube)

56:00 Dave Chapelle (YouTube)

1:02:00 Burt Kreischer Secret Time (Netflix)

1:05:30 Joe Rogan Triggered (Netflix)

1:07:15 That sh*ts g*y

1:09:15 This is not Happening (Youtube) Joey Diaz

1:11:00 The last bastillion of speech

1:11:45 Bill Burr Paper Tiger (Netflix)

1:17:00 50% of Americans are Nazis

1:21:15 A joke is a Joke

1:23:20 WWP Humiliation Round

1:29:30 Next weeks WWP movie Overlord (Hulu)

1:33:00 Quads apology and Humiliation for Lighthouse!

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