Ep 63: The Shrink Next Door Is A Mosquito Biting Vampire

  • Ep 63: The Shrink Next Door Is A Mosquito Biting Vampire 00:00

Lady Quad returns to the studio to 3rd mic with Ginger and his Neighbor only to question why?

Ginger Geeks Out about Dr. Death (Peacock), The Mosquito Coast, Trying, and Physical on AppleTV while Neighbor Cole introduces his young kids to Ricky Bobby and Step Brothers and checks out Big Timber and the new season of Alone on Netflix. Not Producer Kyle (A.K.A. Lady Quad) geeks out about A Discovery of Witches, The Witcher, Virgin River and an exciting book about climate change.

Let the mockery begin!!!

In the news: Knives Out 2 is still casting, Downtown Abby is moving, and Netflix Cancels 4 hit shows. HBOmax says no to more Lovecraft and Seinfeld is making an origin movie about… The Pop Tart.

In trailer talk. Denzel’s Son is on the run in Greece, a Vampire protects her child during an inflight hostage situation and Paul Rudd is Will Ferrell’s Shrink.

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