Ep 57: GunpowderMilkshakes and Timeloops with Zombies

  • Ep 57: GunpowderMilkshakes and Timeloops with Zombies 00:00

Your fearless streaming channel watching geeks return this week and have watched a ton of stuff. First off we give ourselves a very happy 9 year anniversary pat on the back! Once that wraps we make an announcement about an event we have coming up in July.

From there we get into what we’ve been geeking out about on the streaming channels. Army of Dead, Tiger King, The Mitchel’s V.S. The Machines, and Boss Level. We’re on the fence about Tenet.

In our Weekly Watch Party segment, it was The Quadfather’s turn to pick the movie for Ginger and Neighbor Cole to watch and boy did he let us down. Our theme was music in movies for the month so he went with Amadeus. Fortunately for us, the directors cut was the only thing streaming free (Tubi). Cole and I were in for the long haul on this 1984 Oscar winning 3 hour look into the world of Opera.

We wrap the show up with news about Amazon purchasing MGM for 8.45 billion. More casting for Knives Out 2, Marvel’s Secret Invasion, and HBOmax is giving us a new sequel to Evil Dead. Then in trailer talk, Netflix drops peek at the second season of Black Summer. Amazon is going full on Summer Blockbuster movie with The Tomorrow War starring Chris Pratt. Before discussing those trailers we first delve into the action packed all female starring cast of Gunpowder Milkshake. It’s basically John Wick but sexier! In our eyes anyway.

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