Ep 46: Dutch Mud Flapping On Quads Couch (Feb Monthly Wrap Up)

  • Ep 46: Dutch Mud Flapping On Quads Couch (Feb Monthly Wrap Up) 00:00

Netflix just might have their own Game of Thrones saga with the upcoming release of Shadow and Bone! Zack Snyder also brings his first film ‘Army of the Dead’ to the Streaming channel as he reveals his Las Vegas heist flick, that happens to be taking place in a Zombie Apocalypse!

Ginger has an accidental slip of the tongue (which never happens) and calls his neighbor Labor Cole, which immediately causes Neighbor Cole to announce that he is the work horse of the show!

In the Weekly Watch Party, the scores come in and it’s so close that YOU the listener had to announce our winner. Quadfather puts Ginger and Cole on his therapy couch and gives a deep analysis of Ginger’s Chasing Amy and Cole’s High Fidelity. While we’re on the couch, we decide to go full on 2 dinks and a shrink on one of our listeners. You’re welcome.

We also Geek Out About Netflix’s Bonding, Behind Her Eyes, and HBOmax’s The Night Of… while Cole gives us an education on Feudal Japan in Netflix’s Age of the Samurai.

A clip from this weeks Exclusive “Catching Up With The Geeks” is shared at the halfway point and a big thanks and shout outs go out to those of you that help support Monkey Poo Studios!

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