Ep 4: The Importance of Kids, Relationships, and Yourself

  • Ep 4: The Importance of Kids, Relationships, and Yourself 00:00

In this Episode Dan (Father 44) returns to chat with Jay The Angry Ginger.

Seems these Dad’s want to lose weight…but how much of it is actually “Genetic Double Chins” compared to fat that can be lost?

A quick update on the kitten situation and then we spend the bulk of the show discussing an article written by John Rosman, where he states “Your kids should not be the most important”!


In your relationship/marriage do you put your partner first or your children first? We’d be interested to hear if you’re outlook changes after hearing our discussion.

Through out this episode we touch on Living a Balanced Life, learning to Compromise in a Relationship and Time is something you can’t get back. A lot of important life currency things are discussed here in this episode…but as always, it’s done with a hint of humor so you’re not bored out of your mind!

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