Ep 28: Another “Good Luck Ginger” Prophecy Fullfilled

  • Ep 28: Another "Good Luck Ginger" Prophecy Fullfilled 00:00

Quadfather is back from his “I invited my parents so they could go halvsies on my vacation” vacation! Cole thinks Ross was the worst friend and has no INTELLIGENCE (Which happens to be the name of David Schwimmer’s new sitcom that we cover)

Ginger is excited about a Sexdoll, or is it a DUMMY? (Another series, starring Anna Kendrick). He brings Kevin Hart and Jamie Foxx into the TRAILER TALK segement as well.

We catch up with the Geeks! (Us) and we discuss today’s culture and it’s obsession with Obsession and Social Media in our Weekly Watch Party segment. Ingrid Goes West is the movie you all should have watched!

We also read a couple of emails from our awesome listeners and recommend a few new streaming shows!

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