Ep 23 Hitler’s Not Okay With Black Snake Moan

  • Ep 23 Hitler's Not Okay With Black Snake Moan 00:00

Seven days a geek, seven days a geek YEAH!  Thats right folks, equipped with the new theme song the Geeks continue on their journey to bring you the best information in ALL THINGS GEEK!  Check out the WWP this week, as we discuss NCs movie Black Snake Moan!  Who will take the coveted cake for this Month?  We also Geek out about Westworld, I’m not Okay with This, and Amazon Prime’s Hunters!  We got that Geek for you Geeks! Come Check it out!  And as usual….peep dem willy nilly timestamps below! 


5:00 Quad goes on the butt hurt couch

8:45 MAIL SAC Returns!


  • Handicapping the handicapable 
  • Double your efforts
  • NCs republican stance 
  • Rachel Not Rach 
  • BauerFett
  • Songs for the Quad to write


15:00 Star Wars Podcast with Mark

17:15 Midwest explained by Jeanie because the Geeks are Idiots

18:30 Trailer Talk 

19:20 EuroVision Song Contest the story of Fire Saga (Netflix)


  • June 26th Released


25:00 Doom Patrol S2 (June 25th)(HBO MAX)

34:00 What are you Geeking out About


  • Unsolved Mysteries Returns in July with 6 episodes
  • Sam Hargrave “Extraction” to direct an episode of Mandelorian
  • HBO Who gives a Sh*t explained
  • Filthy Rich, White Lines, Westworld, I’m not okay with This, Hunters Deep DIVES and SPOILER ALERTS!
  • I know this much is True HBO Mark Ruffalo, Rosie O’Donnell, Kathy Hahn
  • Cancelled Cops and PD
  • Epstein Documentary (Netflix)
  • Closed Captions for the Win #Protips


1:47:15 WWP Black Snake MOAN


  • The Geeks review the winning movie of this MONTH! Congrats to NC!
  • 1:49:00 The best Audio from Samuel L. Jackson ever Recorded



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