Ep 21: The Planet of The Apes Debacle

  • Ep 21: The Planet of The Apes Debacle 00:00

What are you geeking out about!?  In this episode we tell you exactly what you should be checking up on in the geek universe!  HBO MAX premiers Perry Mason and we give you our opinion as well as what you should be thinking as well! The geeks are still alive and well and haven’t let 2020 destroy their spirits or their lives just yet!  The movie Alpha Dog gets dropped into the weekly watch party meat grinder as Quad and NC give it some marinade.  Tune in to see what the score ends up being this round!  Also…..willy nilly time stamps included below!


4:45 Euthanized kittens and diaper wearing Monkeys

6:10 Incontinent quips

9:00 Quad the Rockstar

10:00 SingleItalian85 we love you

12:15 Crazy Monkeys everywhere!


  • Fight scenarios with NC
  • Outbreak vs Planet of the Apes


16:00 2020 says hold my beer!  Whats next for 2020

16:45 Our Privates are in Space, Hunters and Nazi Scientists

18:00 Quad called it Netflix owns 2 Theaters now!

20:00 Self conscious mowing troubles

21:00 TRAILER TALK (Perry Mason) (June 21st)


  • JAG loves PM and Quad loves Colombo
  • Matthew Rhys is super cute! And a good actor!


25:00 Catching up with the GEEKS


  • Quad bringing back the TECH
  • Hes also an attentive husband
  • Old video Games with Neil and Mark
  • Old photos/Headshots from the QF
  • Quads script reading needs work
  • June workout challenge revisited
  • Michigan running group/fused to couch women
  • Quad hits 22k steps
  • Stoved Up its a real thing
  • RIOTS!
  • Quad derails and shows off his Looney Toon Glasses
  • Quad Indian Gives Jason his fathers comics, replaces QF on the show
  • Beach is open and B2F marathon
  • Driving with a teen and JAG
  • Going to Florida
  • Dead to Me Season Ginger
  • 8 years a geek
  • JAG make a decision!


56:45 WWP Alpha Dog (Netflix) (Based on a True Story)


  • The geeks rate the show!  Tune in to find out what it receives!


1:28:45 What are we geeking out about


  • Wedding Anniversary for the Party Animals Quad and the Momma
  • Best proposal story ever!  How did this slip thru the cracks?
  • Ready or Not
  • Contagion
  • The Gentleman (RedBox)
  • Mystery wart makes its comeback
  • Afternoon Delight (Pass from NC)(Amazon)
  • Still Hanging around with The Hunters
  • Monte Cristo’s everywhere, count how many we can eat!
  • Release the SnyderCut!
  • Apple buying a back log of s#$t and Tom Hanks WWII 
  • Killers of the Flower Moon (Apple)
  • Cobra Kai being shopped around
  • HBO Max hot or not?
  • Timothy Olphant boba fett?
  • Fresh Prince on HBO MAX



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