Ep 20: Quad’s Weekly Watch Party Blues!

  • Ep 20: Quad's Weekly Watch Party Blues! 00:00

Volume 2 Episode 20

Everyone is clamoring as the geeks debut the newest of all new theme songs!  Lend us your ears and give it a listen.  Let us know what you think but emailing the show!  The geeks go over some Trailers and discuss the what’s happening when it comes to Netflix this week.  And the biggest loser IE Quad once again has a humiliation/punishment to perform!  Rumor has it he has the Watch Party Blues!  It wasn’t a Good Time like he thought!  Check out the show, browse around a bit and see what you like!  Use them Willy Nilly time stamps!


4:45 Both kinds of music

8:15 Two black guys and a few black eyes Happy 30th!

9:00 New Theme Song Talk


  • Which one do you like better? (email the show!)


14:30 Quad gets High Maintenance

15:30 Crossover with the 2 on 3 pod!


  • Afterlife Database, Dad Jokes, Bruce Willis bracket!
  • Check out the 2 on 3 Podcast!


18:30 Strokin JAGS Ego and Quads dead leg

20:15 Reasons are Debatable crossover???? Mayhaps coming soon


  • Diamond Dave Returns?  Another crossover


22:30 Joe Rogan Gets his deal!


  • Haters gonna hate!  Who wants to be a millionaire
  • Fleshlight sponsorships….


30:45 TRAILER TALK (The Old Guard NETFLIX JULY 10)


  • Brick from Anchorman shout out!
  • 100 milly on 10 movies!
  • Save the Theatre!
  • No idea how to pronounce that guys name!
  • Game Changing Subwoofers


37:45 Irresistible (Netflix July 26)


  • Political comedy with Jon Stewart
  • Chris Cooper


39:45 Quad is Projecting

41:01 Teaser of a Teaser of Umbrella Academy

41:50 Catching up with the Geeks


  • NCs Hips don’t lie
  • Legal Congregations and heavy drinking
  • 2 on 3 crossover 
  • Sarah didn’t align
  • Quad wrote a song about it….
  • Greatest Hits Album?
  • California is opening up, and not just to illegals!
  • Mowing the lawn with NCs Mower
  • JAG tastes the Hillbilly life
  • Passive aggressive Neighbors (Quad gets jealous)
  • Dryer goes out, needy neighbor problems
  • JAG has a gathering
  • Freedom isn’t free and neither is Testing!
  • Sanitizer Fires!


59:00 WWP Humiliation!  


  • Aint no cure for the Watch party blues!
  • Revamp of Rules (something to entertain the show)(losers give 5.00 to the bank of Monkey Poo)
  • Cowboy boots and NC dresses like his Faja
  • JAG announces WWP pick for June!  Alpha Dog (Netflix)


1:17:30 Geeking out About!


  • Make Up May updates (Outsider, I’m not ok with this, Ozark, Westworld, You S2, Hunters, Dead to Me)
  • Check them out!  Let us know what you think!
  • Don’t sleep on Dave! 
  • Little Fires Everywhere! 
  • The Last Dance!  Good Stuff as well!



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