Ep 19: White Lines, Sleeping With Other People, and Sexual Refunds!

  • Ep 19: White Lines, Sleeping With Other People, and Sexual Refunds! 00:00

Volume 2 Episode 19

The final installment of the Weekly Watch party gets its due as the geeks review Sleeping with Other People.  We get our humiliation results but you lazy bones will have to tune in to get them results.  You get your favorite segments from Trailer Talk, Geeking Out, and Catching up with the Geeks as well!   We talk all things geek, and we delve off the beaten path with discussions about politics, guns, weight loss, dildos, and parenting.  You never know what you are gonna get with these three animals!  Willy-nilly timestamps are as always included below!


04:30 Nelly vs Luda Rap Battle

06:00 Hair care Quarantine Tips

07:30 Quad IS Really in a wheelchair Listener shoutout to HEAD OF SECURITY NIX

08:00 Voting on the poll

10:45 Kung Fury shoutout

12:45 Bragging camp projects with essential Quad IE new toilet

15:30 California is great at quarantine and Michigan Sucks!

16:00 Brandishing and Dildos

17:00 Lets get patriotic with NC and his open carry laws

19:00 Turkey Legs and A Killer Joe failed pull WT

19:30 New art and New Music coming soon and an 8 year anniversary

21:00 Anniversary advice from the divorcees



  • White Lines (Netflix)
  • NC gets roasted for Subtitles
  • Galaxy buds with an IPHONE
  • Getting away with murder on Trailers
  • Stealing cars and tales from our youth


32:45 CATCHING UP With the GEEKS


  • Weight Loss updates, inspirations everywhere
  • Great work to TED! Sharing playlists and weightloss challenges
  • Weight loss and offense? Take care of yourself and the ladies will take care of you
  • Its ok to be honest, but no body shaming folks
  • Young Quad on Tinder
  • Tinder Chronicles Returns
  • IS NC A POS for taking that 35.00!
  • COSTCO don’t play!
  • NEW TOILET (big deal in the Quads world)
  • JAG is stuck in Groundhogs day
  • Road Trip with no Hotel
  • Update on Grandpa Ginger




  • Sequel greenlit for Extraction (90 Mil Views)
  • The OLD Guard
  • Bright 2
  • Disney Plus set to make a move!
  • Quad doesn’t pay attention yet again
  • Jango to make a return to Mandelorian?
  • Making up for MAY still on going (cant lose Bateman twice)
  • OZARK 3
  • Last Dance MJ a narcissist
  • 23 hours to Kill (meh)
  • The wrong Missy (Meh)
  • Westworld Season 3
  • I’m not OK with this #1 Recommended BINGEABLE!
  • Kevin James Youtube channel
  • JAWS
  • Line of Duty (Amazon)
  • The Half of It (Roxanne)


1:34:30 WWP (Sleeping with Other People)


  • Reviewed by Quad and NC!  Heels dug in by Ginger



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