Ep 18: Hungover, Tardy, and Still Circling The Golden State Killer

  • Ep 18: Hungover, Tardy, and Still Circling The Golden State Killer 00:00

It’s the day to honor all Mothers and the best mother f%$*ers are back in Monkey Poo Studios bringing you another show! One of the Geeks is hungover and the other two get hung up on this week’s WWP pick of Circle on Netflix.   The geeks catch up, but don’t geek out because of time constraints due to Quads mid quarantine crisis break!  They delve into a couple of new trailers in the ever popular Trailer Talk segment!  Both on HBO this Week tune in to find out which ones!  And as always, the willy nilly time stamps are included below!


04:30 The Hungover Quad catches s**t for being late

06:00 UFC stops the world

08:00 Quads book of Inspirational Quotes

09:00 The beatdown continues…. 

12:15 Mail Sac is coming alive!

13:00 Tony emailed the Show!

13:45 Kung Fury?

15:15 8 Years of Podcasting (May 28th)

19:00 Make Up May (Outsiders, Westworld, Dead To Me, The Hunters, I’m not Ok with this)

22:30 Elon Musk on the Rogan Podcast

24:30 Possible Crossovers coming up, stay tuned for upcoming Episodes

25:00 Trailer Talk


  • Lovecraft County (HBO) (darker bloodier Stranger Things?)
  • I’ll be gone in the Dark (HBO) (Michelle McNamara)
  • You too can bring down a serial murderer
  • You too can bring down a serial rapist (Looking at you Bill Cosby)
  • Don’t go running without your strap
  • Quad gets woke plugs Searching (starz subscription)
  • Use of Force with NC


39:00 Catching Up with the Geeks


  • Quad is mad at JAG and doesn’t want to do the show anymore
  • Masks to wear or not to wear
  • Covid attacks the joints
  • UFC match is the safest place on the planet 
  • Quad sells a desk and becomes a furniture mover simultaneously
  • NC hits 4 miles on his run bulldozer mode
  • Mothers day cards from the Kids Pro tip for single Dads 
  • Work around by the Angry Ginger #PROTIP!
  • 15 minute day date details
  • #PROTIP dating shoutout to the QUAD
  • Don’t judge on the past
  • Thicker than a Snicker #hungryWhyWait
  • JAG is the dumpster king
  • Chores and more with the Angry Ginger
  • Felines galore 
  • Birds of Prey to cull the Kittens
  • Second Dates updates, JAG bragging and NC dodges the bullet
  • Single man woes!  Single isn’t that bad!
  • Lonely vs Alone?  


1:08:00 WWP (Circle) (Netflix)

1:40:40 Next week WWP Pick (JAG) (Sleeping with other People) (Netflix)


  • Allison Brie and Jason Sudakus
  • Synopsis



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