Ep 162: Planetary Protection Officers

  • Ep 162: Planetary Protection Officers 00:00

Before we get to the geeking out, we D.A.R.E. discuss a possible cult that Neighbor Cole may have been involved in during his educational years. His gym teacher being the leader of said NON-cult activities. Ginger shares a story of witnessing what he believed to be a type of dehydrated coke being snorted on his dinner table by a young Joe Dirt look alike during his innocent years as well. 

Once we get that silly stuff out of the way it’s all business as usual as Cole gets pre-interviewed for his new role working for NASA. Ginger just wants to be the man in the chair. …or does he?

In Trailer Talk we discuss Bruce Willis’s new action vehicle, the remake to Death Wish. We also talk about David Fincher’s return to the serial killer genre with “Mindhunter”, a new series coming to netflix. 

Dreams come true when Ernest Cline’s novel Ready Player One finally gets a trailer. Spielberg I love you! 

In Geeking Out, Cole gets so scared he refuses to finish the very excellent It Follows. We delve deep (without spoilers) into Ozark, Jason Bateman’s new series on Netflix. So much geeking out you’ll have to listen to hear it all. 

In Geek News Daniel Craig returns as James Bond? MillarWorld get’s picked up by Netflix, and Cannonball Run gets a modern Oceans 11 meets Fast and the Furious type remake!

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