Ep 153:Oh Sugar, Sugar This is a Hate Watch

  • Ep 153:Oh Sugar, Sugar This is a Hate Watch 00:00

In this episode, I’m joined by Agent “Producer” Palmer, who helps guide me through a slew of new Super Bowl movie trailers. We talk whether a trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. is even needed. Getting excited for Hugh Jackman’s last turn at Wolverine, and Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom return to the high seas in another Pirates movie. The excitement level is split. 

In “What are you Geeking Out about”, Palmer makes sure it’s announced that it most certainly isn’t Riverdale, while Ginger shares his thoughts on a potential spreading zombie virus! 

In our new Bingeable’s segment we talk all about Netflix’s new series, Santa Clarita Diet. It’s tasty and surprisingly leaves no room for your last meal!

We go to long so we only touch on the constant revolving door of information on Bad Boys 3 and it’s ever changing release date. Potential Why’s and What Not’s are briefly shared! 

Keep Geeking Out! 


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