Ep 15: All Things Streaming!

  • Ep 15: All Things Streaming! 00:00

Tune in this week as the geeks tackle their segments with abandon in what turns out to be an almost 3 hour show!  These guys don’t know the meaning of the word “condense” apparently!  Your favorite segments are here and awaiting your listening attentions.  The Geeks update you on all things coming to the Peacock as well as what to stream and view during the quarantine. (and how to keep your sanity). And it’s all wrapped up with the WWP review of Blue Ruin, picked by the Quadfather.   For those of you who like to get all Skippy check out the timestamps below!


5:15 Getting Political early!  Seeds, Mayors, and Social Distancing, march on Lansing

6:45 it’s never Too early for Nazis and my body my choice

8:15 boozing it up during quarantine!

10:00 Tiger King wrap-up (meh basically nothing new)

11:45 Disney editing (Splash and Lilo and Stitch)

12:45 SSC got NCs attention as a teen

13:45 Jamie Lee Curtis Hot or Not?

15:45 Put some pants on people!

20:15 Trailer Talk (PEACOCK EVERYTHING)


  • Saved by the Bell (KC vs AC Slater hooking up with Milfs)
  • Punky Brewster
  • Quad with his two thickness socks!  Hes Daper folks!
  • Angelyne quad knows her, she used to babysit for him
  • NC doesnt like Boob Jobs
  • The geeks are Misogynistic!
  • Lot Lizards and documentaries 
  • J and O brings the Quad clarity
  • Brave New World (some mystery there) 
  • Solar Opposites (Creator of Rick and Morty) looks promising, funny


35:15 Catching up with the Geeks


  • JAG gets called out for not being prepared
  • NC is a diva and calls out Quad for not following the rules
  • Quad gets a spin bike!
  • Serendipitous or Alexa listening in?
  • JAG suggest that the Quad is cheap
  • The conspiracy of the Caulkins
  • Humiliation ideas
  • Quad needs the competition and betting in his life (betting on UFC computer simulations)
  • PPV missed opportunities with the UFC
  • Little Quad hits 100k subscribers
  • Annoying driveby birthday parties
  • NCs “little cheat meal”
  • Peanut butter fluff and Bacon Sandwich!
  • Competitive eating takes its toll on NC
  • JAG does the Bang Bang and white trash Adobe Nachos
  • Competitions taking their toll
  • Its easy to lose weight!
  • JAGs hair cut warnings go unheeded
  • 7 year old ex wife cutting hair
  • Credit card Reader gets missed!
  • Neighbors who take care of eachother
  • #bigpeopleproblems
  • JAG putting out the content!  On Hiatus, DD, SASS, and others
  • That wont ever heal if you don’t stop picking
  • 8 truly’s equals 1 beer
  • Joe Rogan Podcast Charles Manson Talk blows our mind
  • JAG and Righting wrongs with Delivery drivers Modern Day Abe Lincoln
  • Tipping?  Quad hates the Homeless


1:19:30 GEEKING OUT (Quad Only)


  • Dave Chapelle Mark Twain Award
  • The Invitation 
  • Through my Fathers Eyes (Ronda Rhousey)
  • Bad Boys II
  • IT2 NC is still a big baby
  • Tales from the Loop
  • Snowpiercer


1:31:15 Weekly Watch Party (Blue Ruin)


  • Conversation and rating of the movie Blue Ruin on Netflix


1:35:50 Clip from the movie

1:52:00 Humiliation Talk?

1:54:45 Quad exits stage Left

1:56:00 Geeking Out (JAG and NC)


  • New mystery listener!
  • No Men Allowed Past this Point
  • The Master (loosely based on L Ron Hubbard’s life)
  • The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley
  • Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press 1st Amendment and Hulk Hogan
  • Jinx confessing on Mic 
  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer (You have been warned)
  • Molly’s Game
  • Circle (Brain Teaser/Lifeboat movie)



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