Ep 14 Is Your Kid “Hammocking”?

  • Ep 14 Is Your Kid "Hammocking"? 00:00

This week, Dan a.k.a. Father 45 returns to the show, and after accepting the fact that he had to listen to me podcast with another podcaster, we get down and dirty with a few topics that should grab your attention!

What do you do when your 8 year old watches IT while staying at a friends house? During this discussion we discuss what Horror movie broke our innocence. We want to know what horror movie broke yours too!

We also discuss the film “Show Dogs”, in theaters now. Is it grooming your children to accept sex abuse, or was it just a bad attempt at toilet bowl humor gone wrong?

Our advice, whether you see the movie or not…. talk to your kids about “Good Touch” and “Bad Touch”.

In other news, we discuss the new fade sweeping our children’s lives. Hammocking. That’s right. Have you heard of it? What is it… and should your kids be doing it? Only if your eyebrows are “So On Point!”.

Reach out to us on Twitter! @S7evendaysageek and @Deac273

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