Ep 14: In Life and Death, Some Geeks Are Green with Envy!

  • Ep 14: In Life and Death, Some Geeks Are Green with Envy! 00:00

Join the geeks again this week as they struggle through a new episode and try not to lose their minds amongst the ensuing technical difficulties!  Don’t worry….the Angry Ginger has spiced things up with some fun little audio to highlight and hide our ineptitude! He’s a consummate professional folks, and he does it all for you!   After riding the struggle bus for a few hours, the geeks get into it reviewing three new shows/series on Netflix, tune in and see which ones they are! Don’t cheat with the willy nilly timestamps!  And of course it wouldn’t be an episode lately without Quad and NC going at it over the WWP! Tune in and see who is the best of the best in the ongoing feud between 2nd and 3rd Mic!  


8:00 Flub #10

9:00 Trailer Talk


  • After Life (Ricky Gervais) (Netflix)
  • Enjoy Flub #13
  • More Somber role for Ricky vs. his normal shtick
  • My Life!  Try not to cry and learn to handshake
  • Get high and lose your laptop with Prostitutes!
  • Sinead O’connor pulls off a shaved head
  • Sniffing snot, and slurping drinks!  
  • How do YOU eat REESES???
  • Catering to the Quad with recaps as Always!


20:30 Dead to Me (Netflix) (May 8)


  • Accepting someone else’s crazy
  • NC fell asleep, and zoned out apparently
  • No girl has seen Scarface?  Ladies do you agree?


23:45 Code 8 (Netflix)


  • Drones and big brother; a superhero Minority Report?
  • Hunter/Killers zipping scrubs
  • Zac Gad? Who the F is that? (Avenue 5 HBO)
  • Social Experiment and Quads degree


28:00 Catching up with the Geeks (New Bumper from Quad)


  • Quad goes on Gingers couch
  • Damage has been done, torpedoed by a penguin
  • 30 day workout woes
  • Kids are little assholes too!
  • The fasting master
  • Drinking problems and drinking beers on Vacation
  • Can you bonfire without a brew and some good Music?
  • Blood Father (more on that later)
  • Smoking meats, drinking beers, and spatchcocking!
  • How did we get to culinary tips on 7DAG?  
  • Loving Staycations?
  • Kids get paid for their public service! Humanity has hope
  • Easter Plans for the Pagan Ginger and Single Dad easter baskets
  • Geocaching with Quad
  • JAG lives his best FB Life while being a forrest explorer
  • Bear Troubles in the HOOD
  • NC refuses to be a victim!
  • Body Self Awareness in kids, kids miss 315 NC
  • EX issues?  Wouldn’t be an episode without them!
  • Saying what you think
  • Quad Concurs


1:05:00  Geeking Out


  • Atomic Blonde Two
  • Daredevil is fair game for MCU now
  • Dave episode 7 wooden shirts?
  • Keeping track of the plethora of streaming 
  • All Good Things (admitting to murder when mic’ed up) and JINX
  • NC the Vampire?
  • Ozark season 3 (finish it!)  it pays off trust in your NC
  • Westworld catching up
  • Down the rabbit Hole with Docs and NC
  • Wrestle (Amazon) Hoop dreams for Wrestling
  • Wrestled Away The Story of Lee Kemp
  • The Pretender (Amazon) Rocky Balboa impersonator
  • Blood Father (Netflix) a bearded Mel Gibson
  • Molly’s Game (Netflix) Michael Cera! Lol
  • Uncut Gems vs UnC*nt Gems with the Quad
  • Through my Father’s Eyes Rhonda Rousey (Amazon) 
  • FIGHT ISLAND w/ Shang Sung, UFC killed Boxing
  • Road to Perdition (Netflix) quad geeks out on the camera work from Sam Medez
  • Cinemagic we miss thee….History of Viole LOL
  • Perdition vs Purgatory


1:48:30 Weekly Watch Party (Green Room NETFLIX)


  • Clip from Green Room SPOILER ALERT
  • We did a Netflix Watch Party!  Join us next time!
  • Quad explains the pickiness he has with the subjective Violence
  • Things go off the rails and we argue!
  • Eye Rolling ensues….NC gives up
  • Picking one small aspect of the overall theme LOL
  • Action vs Thriller vs Horror



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