Ep 139: Wicked Diamonds Aren’t a Geeks Best Friend

  • Ep 139: Wicked Diamonds Aren't a Geeks Best Friend 00:00

In this episode The Angry Ginger and The Kilted One geekout over TK1’s huge new purchase! Hint:He’s going to live in it. We discuss Producer Palmer’s inability to commit to Podtoberfest. We also Geek out over something old, Arrested Development and something new, The Ranch. Both can be found, binged, and enjoyed on Netflix!

In trailer talk: Ginger begs for more Joker in Suicide Squad, Doctor Strange gets a voice and possibly enters both the Matrix and Inception at the same time. Jonah Hill enjoys food and guns in the new War Dogs and Star Wars goes to war!

The guys have a full Mail Sac this week. We get some love from @DDawson and then the tables get turned quickly as Ed from The Wicked Theory Podcast goes on a very verbal tirade against our very on TK1! Podcast Fight Club will ensue! Also, as to not leave out the Angry Ginger, The nicest man in podcasting, Mr. Diamond Dave of the Diamond Dave Show calls out Ginger for not producing anything! The gauntlet may have been dropped…but Ginger lay’s down for nobody!

This episode now with 10% more angry!

We wrap up the show with Love or No Love for the upcoming 4 Avatar Sequels, a bed that will text your partner if you’re having sex on it with him/her and The Commodore 64 is making a mobile comeback?

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Geek Out!


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