Ep 13 Love Bites to Dog Bites

  • Ep 13 Love Bites to Dog Bites 00:00

This episode is a cross over from Part 1 of the 7 Days a Geek Summer Movie Preview Episode.

In this Ep, Neighbor Cole joins me to discuss a weekend of epic proportions.

We discuss the struggles of being in a relationship after divorce. Introducing someone to your kids. The excitement of it all… and during that… having your tiny dog attack that person to the point that you make a mad dash to the Emergency Room!!!!

It’s amazing how your weekend can start off so surprisingly well, and then switch gears in another surprising direction!

The back half of the episode is the Fallout of this whole weekend. The puppy police show up to ground the dog. Another bite happens which causes this family to lose a pet.

A cooking mishap almost causes a late night fire, which reminds me to remind you to check your smoke alarms!

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