Ep 12: No Phone Zones & More One on One Time

  • Ep 12: No Phone Zones & More One on One Time 00:00

In this episode Dan gloats about the Eagles winning the Super Bowl and recalls how much work actually goes into creating themed bedrooms. 

Each of us are dating now… but how much should we actually reveal? 

On the parenting front we discuss 2 important topics. 

1.) Our kids aren’t just craving for one on one time, but they’re asking for it. How do 2 single working fathers give such an important need to their children? Can they? 

2.) Addiction to our smartphones, tablets and other devices. They are ruining relationships large and small. This isn’t anything new, but we take a look at it from our family’s point of view. 

We end with several embarrassing stories told by parents… that their kids are responsible for. Then we share a few of our own. 

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