Ep 11: Quarantined, Tiger King, Killer Joe

  • Ep 11: Quarantined, Tiger King, Killer Joe 00:00

No bull$hit Bud Light virus can keep the Geeks down!  NC, JAG, and Quad brave the pandemic, Wade thru the bodies, and bring you the first ever live VIDEO version of 7DAG!  Come see our beautiful faces in person as we give you your everything to watch list during the Quarantine. We also rate the best movie ever picked…and it brings home the W, for now, for NC!  Want to change that? Listeners can participate and change the score, just listen, follow along, and find out how! And those Willy Nilly timestamps are included below for you lovelies. 


7:45 Podcasting Therapy

8:30 NC trys to monetize people’s misery

9:30 college math/cutting out Quad

11:15 adjusting those weightloss Goals

12:30 Trailer Talk

13:00 Upload (Amazon May 1st)

16:30 Conjugal visits in the afterlife

17:00 That’s a T not a P 

18:45 Quad goes fishing….troll troll troll

19:45 Office Throwbacks

20:45 Letter for the King (Netflix out already)

23:15 Catching Up w/ the Geeks


  • Introvert/extrovert
  • Nothing new for NC. Hold my beer.
  • Social media
  • Whose essential
  • Snorting Adderall
  • You prepping bro?
  • Lines to get beer???? It has begun….
  • Kidney stone incident


41:00 WWP Killer Joe (Hulu)


  • Golf clap for JAG
  • NC reminiscing
  • *Deliciously white trash*
  • 50k for reals?
  • NC and 14 year olds????
  • Uncomfortable moments galore
  • K fried C


1:10:00 We represent our Movies -Quad

1:11:20 Quad does gorilla math and gets butthurt again

1:12:00 Geeking out with Quad


  • No go for Jumanji 2
  • Samuel L Jackson is every black man to the Quadfather
  • NC spits game for Quad
  • Quad hates his life and misses sports 


1:17:00 WWP at work w/ NC Ready or Not 

1:18:45 Quad comes from Money

1:19:50 Swapping abuse stories

1:20:10 Tiger King is NCs Father….

1:21:00 Quad signs of for the 10th time….

1:22:30 Mulan

1:23:15 Dark side of the Ring

1:25:40 Stuntfish is the Man *Shout out*

1:26:05 Gus R. Is the Man! *Shout out*

1:29:00 Milking and eating a$$

1:32:00 Watch Tiger King!!! (NETFLIX)


  • You killed your husband for sure
  • Exotic Joe’s CDs
  • So many WTF moments
  • That’s no Fred Bear….



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