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Empowering Lot Lizards At 80mph

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In this, the 66th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

Hello and welcome back to another fun filled edition of TLPS!  Buckle up for safety listeners! In case you haven’t learned your lesson yet, and unless you’re riding shotgun on the bang bus, then most likely you’re not protected from G.G. and her fine motor skills! I’m not going to go into detail here because, lets be honest, if I did you wouldn’t feel the need to push play on that cute little MP3 device of yours! But I will say that she reveals yet again that she gets hit from behind so hard, it’s very possible that she lost her anal hymen! If she still had it…Filthy lot lizard! The Angry Ginger quickly remembers something, and before forgetting it, he announces that he once heard of a contest about “Load Shooting”! Yeah, that kind of load…  After listening back I have to say “I WAS WAY OFF”! but our Google Goddess does come up with some surprising numbers!  After that mess,  G.G. makes a call to her Mom and once again proves that she was never loved growing up!In Headlines, The Sniper brings 2 stories that he’s very proud of, and he actually read them before hand! Mr. K.I.A. actually read his before hand as well but almost has a mental breakdown when he discovers that the article has been changed with out his consent.So now is the time to strap on your “Willy Warmers”, stroke your pet “Guinea Pig” that you can’t live without, and throw another “Foot” on the fire! It’s time to grab your favorite book “How to make R—(unwanted sex) Positive”! It’s powerful stuff!  If you’re not into reading all that much, just get the audio book.  It’s read by our very own Sniper! Before you do that…push play and listen to this podcast!


Hey Dog, Mind Getting That For Me

Get Your Penis Warmers

Don’t Take My Guinea Pig

Man Cut’s Off Own Foot To Prevent Self From Working

Police Sergeant Caught In Own Sting

Bouncing Baby

AND by popular demand The Glossary of Perversion

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When News Breaks, We Point And Laugh

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