Day Six:SPOTLIGHT-Girls Don’t Poo with Bethany Woodruff (Poo pourri)

  • Day Six:SPOTLIGHT-Girls Don't Poo with Bethany Woodruff (Poo pourri) 00:00

If you’ve used youtube over the last year or have been listening to past episodes of 7 Days a Geek, you’ll know what the Poo Pourri commercials are. I’d explain it but..really..lets face it. The name is self explainitory!

TK1 (Grant) and I (Jason The Angry Ginger) sit down with Bethany Woodruff, spokeswoman and everyday user of Poo Pourri to chat all about acting, goals and how this product is changing womens lives! No for real… just listen for further proof!

See you tomorrow for DAY 7! Be sure to share each episode with your friends. Please visit us over at Patreon. Let’s stop pretending you don’t love us. You do. You want to help us don’t you? That’s what love is…it’s saying it with your hard earned money! ..or Retweets!;-)

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