Day 2:The 7 Days a Geek Morning Show (hour 1)

  • Day 2:The 7 Days a Geek Morning Show (hour 1) 00:00

For those of you that have been listening for a long time, you may remember the names McBlizzard (McBibbles), Bacon, and Lohan the homeless vet. 2 of the 3 are original members of this here podcast, and my best friends. They come back after a 2 year absence to chat geek with this here Angry Ginger and his newest of cohosts, Neighbor Cole. 

So what is it we chat about? We talk about the real punch that Harrison Ford threw right at Ryan Goslings face during the shooting of Blade Runner 2049. I give the guys an IQ test and then we discuss the fact that the internet has blown up over Mario having CGI nipples…but that’s not all…apparently Papa Nintendo has confirmed a bit of animal cruelty from your favorite plumber to our favorite egg tongue lashing green dino. Yep that’s right. Yoshi has been getting donkey punched by Mario for 25 years now! 

We also discuss a few hilarious new movies coming out a the end of the year in our Trailer Talk segment. 

Father Figures and Crash Pad. 

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